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This page shows a list of processes used to automatically harvest inventories.

If your organisation hosts the Redridge DataShare product you can add a link to the inventory. This will be {yourdatashareaddress}/api/esdInventory. Click on a process to see more details.

All harvesters

Description Active? Frequency Last Run Status
North Somerset District Council True Weekly 13/08/2022 Complete with warnings
Redbridge True Weekly 12/08/2022 Not run - no changes detected
Bracknell Forest Council True Weekly 12/08/2022 Failed
Lichfield True Weekly 11/08/2022 Not run - no changes detected
Wycombe District Council True Weekly 10/08/2022 Failed
Horsham District Council True Weekly 09/08/2022 Failed
Woking Borough Council True Weekly 08/08/2022 Failed
London Borough of Hounslow True Weekly 07/08/2022 Failed
Barrow True Weekly 06/08/2022 Running
Colchester Borough Council True Weekly 22/07/2022 Running
Data Mill North True Weekly 20/07/2022 Running
Brentwood True Weekly 15/07/2022 Running
Peterborough City Council False Weekly 18/05/2018 Failed
Wolverhampton City Council False Weekly 08/01/2016 Failed
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